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Pineca launches in Austria.

Pineca launches in Sweden.

Pineca launches in the Netherlands.


We successfully entered our 6th market – Portugal.
Our assortment has reached more than 650 models. Our customer base is growing at an exponential pace and has reached more than 51 000 customers since day 1.


Our team grew more than double in size as we reached 70 people working toward the common goal.


The year we reached the total amount of 12 000 wooden buildings sold per year.


Marks 10 years in business and the launch of our 5th market – Spain. Our team expanded to 30 employees. In a decade of operation, we have reached more than 28 000 customers worldwide.

We are continuously growing our assortment – it almost doubled in size to 400 unique items.


Was the year that we decided to expand further and create our online presence in the Italian market.


We entered a brand-new market by launching an e-commerce project in Germany. Our client base has almost doubled since the last milestone to 17 000.

We are expanding our assortment further – 250 product models offered to our customers.


Due to the great demand received, we decided to enter our second market – the United Kingdom. We reached 9 000 clients via all markets we have been operating in.

Our assortment included more than 150 product models at this stage.


Was the year we stepped into B2C with our first market in France and launched an e-commerce store named Chaletdejardin.fr.


Pineca was founded as a B2B business, with the main purpose of supplying prefabricated wooden buildings to business partners.