Quick-garden.co.uk reached a 4.9/5 Trustpilot score and more than 1000 reviews!

Quick-garden.co.uk reached a 4.9/5 Trustpilot score

This year, we hit a massive milestone by reaching an EXCELLENT review score on Trustpilot.com with more than 1000 unique customer reviews!

Trustpilot reviews benefit both our customers and us

Trustpilot.com was launched in 2007 with a clear mission – to help people learn more about the business they want to engage with and make an informed purchase decision. This platform works as a space to share customers’ insights and opinions about their purchasing journey and experience with the company. The ratings help people choose the right supplier among numerous competitors and strengthen the business’s credibility.

Let’s celebrate the ones who made this happen!

To make the best out of this momentous occasion, we would like to cherish the ones who stand behind this achievement – our incredible salespeople sincerely fulfilling the needs of our customers & striving to find the best solution in each case. So, let’s find out how they made it happen.  

We asked Laura, our aftersales manager, to provide her insights regarding this accomplishment:

What, in your opinion, was the main reason for reaching such a high score?

I believe there is no complicated formula that defines it – we, as a sales team, sincerely do our job and seek to fulfil our clients’ needs to the best of our potential.

If you had to define the key aspects of this journey, what would they be?

I’d say it’s the quality of customer service each of us provides individually to all our clients and the strength of our whole team as a unit. When we encounter problems (which is impossible to avoid working in a fast-changing industry like ours with such a complex product), we usually deal with them as a team, which makes it much more manageable.

What if everything went well, yet the customer did not leave a review?

We see no problem in politely asking for one! I understand that our clients have busy personal lives and often forget that such platforms exist. However, customer feedback is an integral part of our job; therefore, we see value in asking to leave a review and our clients usually gladly agree to do so.

What are the main challenges that the customer service team deals with frequently?

The major challenge in our job is the stress when the client calls with an urgent problem and requires instant solutions, which is, unfortunately, impossible in our industry in most cases. Then, we must employ our improvisation skills and think of ways to “soften the blow”, offer clients alternatives and additional services, or show appreciation for their understanding in any other way. Also, we must be ready to think “on the spot”. In other words, when the phone rings, we never know whether we will have a pleasant chat or spend the next hour in a vigorous discussion, so we must be ready for both.


We are grateful to Laura for sharing her experience! Achieving this milestone has been an enriching path of continuously building our customers’ trust and appreciation; however, it takes a lot of effort and consistent work to do so.

We strive to ensure exquisite customer service and purchase experience for all our clients. Thus, it makes us extraordinarily grateful when we receive our customers’ appreciation. Furthermore, it allows us to stay at the forefront of the competition and ensure our clients of the superb quality product we provide. Let’s hope we maintain the same customer service quality and further exceed our customers’ expectations going forward!