Pineca launches in Sweden

Pineca launches in Sweden

At the end of 2023, we opened an online store in Sweden, making it our third new European market in 12 months. What is more, we already had plans for future expansion to Austria at that time.

First Scandinavian launch

With our Swedish online store, we have entered the Scandinavian market for the first time. While the European economy has been slowing down, we were still able to exceed last year’s financial results. In addition to this launch, we also entered the Austrian market later in the same year.

“Our efforts to optimize and improve our operations, marketing and customer support quality in the last three years allowed us to have a better result during this economic downturn. We are planning to open new markets as well as to expand product range and continue efforts to improve our customer service”, said Arūnas Gečiauskas, our CEO.

Localized product range

“We can clearly see that the customer needs and regulations of the prefab building market in Sweden differ from our other markets, and the significant part of the demand is related to turn-key solutions that are in a much higher price range”, said Karolis Kailiunas, CMO. “We intend to offer customers high-quality DIY prefabricated wooden buildings that are quickly and easily assembled and feature a much lower price online”.

At first, our Swedish online store will feature smaller-size products, such as residential and non-residential annexes, outdoor saunas, garages and carports. We will gradually extend the product range with bigger residential wooden houses, which will also interest real estate developers.