Pineca launches in Portugal


Great news: Pineca is expanding to Portugal. Since the launch of website in October 2022, online sales started right away as the brand name was already known to Portuguese customers for some time.

“Operating in the Spanish market since 2019, we’ve been feeling attention and getting requests from Portuguese customers. That was the key reason we decided to develop a dedicated online presence for the Portuguese market so our customers could find our offers and get professional advice conveniently in their own language.” - says CEO Arunas Geciauskas.

According to the company representative, the successful start looks very promising and confirms that the market has some unfulfilled demand for an affordable, high-quality product, professional client service and reliable prefabricated building construction advice. This is quite natural, considering that wooden prefabs offered by Pineca might be twice less costly compared to conventional construction alternatives.

To our Portuguese clients, we offer the same vast range of products as in other markets and eventually expand our assortment, adapting it to the local market needs. We emphasise our friendly and professional customer service and support as our fundamental value proposition.

“Perfectly understanding that our product is more expensive and far more technically complex than regular consumer goods sold online, we strive to become our client’s partner from the moment of receiving the initial call or email. We help to clarify their needs and offer the most suitable product or apply the required modifications based on the customer's specific requirements. This is why our strength lies in professionalism and the friendliness of our client support team.” - says sales team manager Victoria Seijas.

Despite the geopolitical tension in the continent and difficult-to-predict raw material markets, we notice a rising consumer interest in prefabricated wooden buildings for living and leisure; thus, we are already planning further expansion to other European countries.