Pineca continues its European expansion to the Netherlands


We are excited to share our latest company update with you: Pineca is expanding further! At this point, we are launching an online shop in the Dutch market. 6 months ago, we successfully opened our latest ecommerce project in Portugal and have plans for two more markets this year.

Pineca Group reached 60 million in revenue last year and currently has an online presence in 7 European markets: the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

“Despite the slowing demand that is felt all across Europe, we are happy to reach a 24% revenue increase in Q1. We intend to continue with plans for expanding our coverage in Europe and enter 2 more markets this year - Sweden and Austria. Together with our recent launches in the Netherlands and Portugal, it makes 4 new markets in 12 months and is the fastest geographical expansion in group history.” - said CEO Arunas Geciauskas.

To our Dutch clients, we will offer a vast range of products as in our other markets and are planning to expand our assortment to suit the local market needs better.

“Comprehensive market analysis before entering a new country allows us to apply our experience from other markets as well as adjust the value proposition and meet market expectations better” - said Karolis Kailiūnas, Head of Marketing.

As we are working in a specific big-ticket ecommerce segment, we emphasize the importance of our friendly and professional customer service.

“Knowing that our customers consider the purchase of technically complex big-ticket products demanding deeper research, longer decision making process and higher financial risk evaluation, we put a big focus on customer service to ensure that the customer journey in buying and assembling a wooden prefab is as smooth as possible” - said COO Aurimas Junčis.

The average score of 4.6 in Trustpilot across our markets leaves no doubt about the seriousness of our intentions to fulfil customer needs well.