Pineca launches in Austria

Pineca launches in Austria

At the end of 2023, we have launched an Austrian online store. This was the fourth new market that we have targeted in the last 14 months, making it our 9th European country in total.

Local product range

Up until now, Austrian consumers were already able to place orders at Pineca through our German online store. Now, we have launched a dedicated local store.

“In the Austrian market, we are visible on Google search and well known to the customers as the supplier of bigger wooden houses”, said Karolis Kailiūnas, CMO. “We expect to successfully earn the trust of local customers as the provider of smaller-size products as well: garden buildings, garages, carports and saunas.”

As with our other markets, we have performed a local market analysis and adjusted our product range accordingly. Due to the construction specifics in the mountains of Austria and the amount of snow in the area, the residential building assortment is based on these market characteristics and customer expectations.

Revenue of 65 million euros in 2023

In addition to our expansions in the last 14 months, we were able to grow our business substantially: the number of online orders increased by 20 percent in 2023, and we generated a revenue of 65 million euros.

We do not have further expansion plans in the near future. However, we are currently upgrading and reorganizing our customer service, supply and logistics management process in all of our 9 markets.